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Adorable 3 Piece Set Umbrella Shaped Wall Container/Hanger

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Adorable 3 Piece Set Umbrella Shaped Wall Container/Hanger

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Where do you keep your keys when you most need them the most?

Are they in an area well presentable and easily accessible to members in your home or family?

Here is a cool tool for storing small accessories such as keys in your home.

You can hang these containers almost anywhere in your home where there is a wall with a simple stick on adhesive, however they go best in a room like the Foyer.

One of the cool things about these small containers is that they can hang both upside-down or right-side up. It is completely up to you.

In fact there is benefits to using either methods.

For example with the umbrella right side up you get the hook on the bottom which makes for real easy grappling.

With the upside down method you have a tray that you can use for storing remote starters, keys, etc.

Whereas having them stationed on the wall in both ways makes them complement one another.

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