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How has a minimalist approach influenced your calculative buying decisions?

Extensive spending and impulsive shopping are very common traits. That dress in the showroom simply caused that blissful adrenaline rush which made you forget all about calculating finances. You must have experienced your desires ruling your decisions in the past.

With tough circumstances and tight finances, whether by choice or not, all of us at some point have been forced to adapt to a minimalist approach. The result is a significant development in our calculative buying abilities. The lockdown has taught everybody to calculate each move and measure future possibilities and outcomes before we take a step ahead.

From being an unorganized mess to planning the simplest of things, minimalism has definitely re-shaped humans! You too have witnessed these changes. Here are some highlights that will bring light to the advantages of a minimalist approach:

  • Getting rid of clutter becomes easier while creating room for more important things
  • Materialistic desires rule you no more. Your happiness is derived from things greater.
  • Expenditure reduces significantly as you don’t run after trends anymore
  • You experience a different kind of peace- a peace that lies beyond materialistic possessions
  • Simple things give you happiness. Abundance is not what you crave. Less is indeed more1
  • Financial confidence as your money is now for things of greater importance
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