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Are you a minimalist by choice?

So here you stand with a question you probably have not yet thought about. Has the lockdown forced you into becoming a minimalist? Let us put it in a simpler way- Lately, have you begun to feel that less is more? What is more important is whether this belief existed long before the lockdown was imposed or if it is actually these few months which have happened to change your way of thinking! So there is your answer. Just like you, there are several people whose ways of looking at life has changed dramatically in the past few months. 

Here are some characters traits that will help you figure out whether you fall within the category of minimalists:

  • A pared-down lifestyle suits you the best
  • Essentials are fine, the rest seems clutter
  • You are content with all you have. Latest trends don’t tempt you
  • You prioritize needs and are not led by wants!
  • A busy schedule brings you stress
  • Cleaning your house and your surroundings give you peace
  • You hate wasting time
  • Being unorganized is something you simply dislike
  • You make the best use of what you have
  • Impulsive shopping is just not your thing
  • You hate wasting money on non-essentials

So, are you a minimalist, or have you become one?

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