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What is the Importance of Blue Light?

In our society we have many different types of light emitting diode’s. Some examples of light emitting diode’s include television sets, smart phones, & laptop computers. We can also think of these as video display terminals.

Video display terminals emit a large amount of blue light. Blue light has been found to be harmful to the human retina.

Blue light has a short wavelength between 450 nm to 495 NM.

It is also part of the high-energy visible light spectrum.

In studies of rats blue light was found two more severely damage cells in the retina then green light.

In a ground-breaking 2014 study where blue light was compared to other colours in regard to the effect of damage that it has on the human retina it was discovered blue light most severely damaged cells in the retina when compared to white & green light.

The conclusions of the study were that blue LED lights can damage cells in the human retina specifically the photoreceptor cells.

This is why protection or shielding for your eyes is so important. Although some doctors may recommend you to invest in expensive cognitive behavioural therapy to deal with your insomnia or expensive prescription medicine to deal with your headaches, why not attack the root of the problem and reduce the amount of blue light which is being received by your pupils on a day-to-day basis via our blue light blocking glasses?

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