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The Harmful Effects of Digital Technology

Excessive screen time usage on digital media screens has many health practitioners around the world worried about people’s health.

Digital media technologies including smart phones, laptop computers, and other devices with LED lit screens are inexorably tied to our day to day lives in modern society.

Smart digital technology in the contemporary era has become incredibly accessible, in many cases to the point where most people in wealthy countries will have access to not just one but many different digital screens.
A particularly vulnerable group are the youth in our society who are not only the most exposed but also the most active on digital media technologies. Children today in countries like the United States and Australia on average watch 2 to 3 hours of television daily, with a total screen time averaging about five hours a day.

Considering that children in most countries get home from school around four to 5 o’clock every day that means they are spending a majority of the evenings on digital screen activities. With respect to social media platforms such as YouTube,Instagram, Tik Tok & Snapchat - 45% of teenagers claim to be online constantly.

This particular statistic is further exacerbated by the fact that more children today have access to mobile smart phone technology then ever before in the past. Simply put smart technology has functions beyond utility to include amusement & entertainment which makes it very appealing to young children.

In addition to the traditional concerns associated with excessive screen use such as the risks which are associated with a prolonged sedentary lifestyle, practitioners as of late have raised serious questions about the harmful effects of screens on individuals.

This monumental research study found excessive screen time in children to be correlated with social skill development, physical health, sleep habits, and mood.

Current research on the matter finds that excessive exposure to digital screens and blue light wavelengths can go to affect your sleep, mood on a day to day basis & personal health.

A recent case study looked at the effects of screens on children and adolescents in both Australia and the United States.

The findings of this 2020 papers were astonishing, they concluded that children in both Australian and US countries are suffering emotional and physical harm as a direct result of excessive screen time.

The findings also showed that there are few policy measures enacted in order to deal with this particular problem in our youth.

One of the solutions offered by the study to solve the problem of excessive Screen Time, particularly with a youth is to reduce the time the children are spending on their screens.

Although this is certainly one option that parents will have when it comes to resolving the safety of their children, our company SuiteOrganization™ provides an additional solution, blue light blocking glasses which act to filter the kind of light received by the eye.

Check out this blog post for more info.
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