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Some of the Best Free Mobile Games for Android

With so many people around the world using smartphones each day, they also turn towards these powerful devices for entertainment. Due to this, you can easily find the best mobile games on the Google Play Store. If you want some suggestions on the best mobile apps, then check out this list.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

If you're looking for some fun player vs. player action, then you should check out Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This game is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where you play on teams of five. You get paired up with other players and challenge another team, striving to destroy their base before they destroy yours.

You do this by selecting a hero that you will play during the match. Each hero has multiple abilities that they can use in combat to deal damage, heal teammates and change the flow of battle to help you. As you work with your team and strive to destroy the towers in each lane, you can make your way to the enemy base.

This game provides a diverse cast, allowing you to find a character that you like. Whether you want to be a cyborg that turns into a car or an owl that throws clocks, there's a character for everyone. If you want to find the highest quality free mobile games for MOBA fans, then you need to check out Mobile Legends.

Pokemon GO

Many people recognize Pokemon GO since it's one of the more recognized mobile apps available on the Google Play Store. The game allows you to travel around your town to catch Pokemon. As you spend time outside, you can look at the GPS version of your neighborhood on your phone with Pokemon appearing all around you.

When you find a Pokemon that you want, you can tap on it to try and catch it. From here, you can flick a Poke-ball across the screen to try and capture the creature. After you do so, you can keep the Pokemon and add it to your collection, giving you the opportunity to try and catch every Pokemon in the game.

You can also challenge friends to battles, challenge gyms and join your friends in raids to catch strong and rare Pokemon. If you want a game that encourages you to interact with others while getting some exercise, then you should try out Pokemon GO for yourself.


While many people play Fortnite on their consoles and computers, some may be surprised to learn that you can find it among other mobile apps. Fortnite allows you to hop online and challenge people in a Battle Royale game mode. This means that you play in a match with 100 people, striving to be the last person or team standing.

The game has you hop onto the Battle Bus and choose your landing point. After doing so, you need to run around and collect different weapons to fight other players and building materials to create walls and floors to protect yourself. So on top of using your skills to win fights, you need to get creative and strategic with your building.

This game encourages you to play online with friends, allowing you to work together to be the last team in a match. On top of this, the game also offers an optional cross-play mode to join your computer or console friends. This way, you can make sure that you have fun with Fortnite while you're away from home.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance

If you like rhythm and runner games, then you will love Beat Blade: Dash Dance. This game has you take control of a ninja, running forward to slice the different boxes in your path. You do so by moving left and right to collide with the boxes, but with a twist: the boxes follow the beat of the song.

As you run through the levels, doing your best to stick to the beat, you need to avoid spiked-balls. You can dodge left and right to hit as many boxes as you can while keeping your ninja safe from harm. The more boxes you hit in a row, the higher your combo gets and the more coins you earn at the end of the song.

This game has an impressive song list, allowing you to play a variety of popular songs from artists like Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers, Bruno Mars and others. Yu'll see why this is ones available among free mobile games as you try out the large variety of songs.

Bloons TD Battles

If you prefer a strategic approach and thinking about one-on-one battles, then Bloons TD Battles might be one of the mobile games for you. This game has you defend your side with monkeys wielding darts, popping balloons that try to get past you. Every time a balloon gets past your side, you lose some health until only you or your opponent remains.

The game offers different types of monkeys and ways to pop balloons so that you can defend your side. As you pop balloons and earn more bananas, you can upgrade your monkeys to take down more at once. This way, you can build a strong defense before you prepare your attack against the opponent.

You can send extra balloons over to your opponent's side to help you win the match. This happens as you pick the right moments to send over more balloons. So if you want tons of fun as you defend yourself from the balloons travelling across your screen, then check this mobile game out.


As you spend time on your smartphone, you'll want to try out some of the best mobile games available. We created this list to help you find mobile games that will allow you to have a great time. Make sure to check out the best mobile apps on this list so that you can find a new favorite game to enjoy.
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